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By "joyous" I don't mean happy all the time -

I mean aligned.


I want this for you too!

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to create and nurture a world where play lives in the center. And what better place to do so than by supporting the schools and the home - the two places where childhood is most affected.


From my dynamic and practical workshops in the schools that help educators shift play back in to the center to the parenthood community of support, guidance, and connection that I have created through my various coaching offerings, anyone who touches the lives of children can find a place where we can recenter play and therefore raise children without resentment.


Playful parenting and educating is an approach where there are no wrong questions, there are no wrong answers, and there is simply LOVE. It is child centered and passion led, where flow is the theme of every day.

In short, if you want to raise children who are grounded, balanced, confident, creative, and capable, playful parenting and educating is the way to get them there.

Below you will find all of my offerings for joining me on this transformational journey towards the calm, confident, connected childhood for and with the children in your lives... that is just within your reach.


You can read about them below.


I want you to know something right here right now:

No matter where you are on your journey, you are ENOUGH!


There is absolutely nothing (nothing!) you could do in your parenting that could be judged as long as you are doing it from a place of truth, honesty, and love. Love for your child(ren), yes. But also love for yourself. For your community. For this planet. Our world.

So come along with me as we pave the way towards your unique map for a parenthood and classroom that nourishes you and the children in your lives in just the way that works for you. 

And together, we will raise children without resentment - a focus on play instead.

Want to raise children without resentment?

My Offerings

Custom build your very own Joyous Journey experience with any or all of these delightful a la carte experiences or dive right into the full journey.

As with all of my offerings, pay once, partners attend for free.

And there is always an equity pay scale, so please inquire if needed!

*For more information about my School PD Workshop & Lecture Offerings

please e-mail me at

Build Your Own Life Raft

Choose between different levels of support to
fit your unique needs:


Choose this if you want to try out one single session

Try out 3 sessions with this highly discounted bundle

Enjoy a 6 month private, custom tailored coaching journey

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Wisdom & Wonder Membership Space

Coming Soon

For the busy parent who needs support right now but wants to learn on your own time

Learn how to embody The 4 Pillars with this onlline experience!

Course Wisdom

For the parent who likes to learn but also wants a supportive container to discuss & learn together

All the aha moments of the course with added support in practice: 

Course Wisdom

Group Magic

In order to truly transform, you want someone by your side who can translate your new wisdom into action!

Enjoy the full benefits of the Joyous Journey:

Course Wisdom
Group Magic
Private Workshopping Towards Constant Personal Breakthroughs

Different Tastes of
The Joyous Journey

Choose the private coaching session option
that suits you:



Choose this if you want to try out one single session

Try out 3 sessions with this highly discounted bundle

Enjoy a 6 month private, custom tailored coaching journey

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Check out my new Joyous Journey Learning Hub!

Great resources, guides, lessons & more

Play as the Cornerstone of Your Parenthood

What IS play anyway?

My definition of play is any action that puts you into flow.

From that definition, the possibilities of play and playfulness in your parenting and personal life expands endlessly! What play is for you is not play for me or your child. We all deserve to have the opportunity to explore what play means for us in our parenthood! In this way, we get to let go of our preconceived notions of what play needs to look or feel like as our children grow and instead embrace a new paradigm that puts flow in the center.


Whether you join the joyous journey through my 1:1 coaching container, my online courses, my group experiences, lectures, or professional development sessions this definition of flow and process based play as learning will always be at the center.

Join the play revolution and (re)learn to play - and together we will ensure a confident, calm, connected and JOYOUS experience for you and your children forevermore!

"Hiring a parent coach is like getting the guide book that you always wanted but never thought you could have.

And when hiring Sivanne, you're getting so much more - you're getting your playfulness back.

You're getting your SELF back."

-Evalisa, mom of 2

I am a mama, progressive educator, parent coach, but most of all, a play enabler. I am a creative and introspective soul-based practitioner who loves supporting passionate, dedicated parents, educators and caregivers. After almost 20 years in the classroom, I am now bringing my passion and knowledge to the parenting sphere. My mission is to bring play back to the mainstream and empower both parents and children alike to uplift childhood through more connection, confidence, and calm.

Parent Coaching is a unique, beautiful and personal journey of self discovery, unpacking of story, and shifting into your own truth so that you can reclaim your identity and model for your children who and what you hope for them to be in the world - by being it yourself. If you are overwhelmed, winging it, exhausted, or constantly second guessing yourself as a parent it is most likely because you are not honoring your own truth. When we work together, we help unearth just that.

Throughout any coaching journey you choose, you will learn everything you need in order to become your very own confident, calm, connected self curated guide book. That is because our work together goes beyond what you think you need and helps you realign with your truth.


Together we:

  • acknowledge and name your parenthood vision

  • communicate that vision to your partner if you have one, and to your love village

  • define your values and learn to parent from them

  • break out from the power struggle and learn to see and hear your children instead

  • use your values as a guidepost to learning through play

  • map out the practical steps to match your physical and emotional parenting world to that vision

  • retire your shame/fear/anxiety tape to forgive and uplift yourself

  • learn how to carve out the time, self-care, rituals, and commitments that will get you set on your very unique parenthood journey 

And join the PLAY REVOLUTION!!


It is my intention as a Parenthood Coach to guide you in harnessing your inner parenting wisdom in order to create YOUR best version of a joyous, mindful, and peaceful parenthood.


With your investment in my Playful Parenting Coaching or the Playful as Learning Classes and Online Courses, or through your participation in one of my countless free webinars and group coaching programs, my weekly #fillyourcupfriday live chat about coparenting on my FB Group or the other countless free goodies @thejoyousparent on social media, you will receive priceless resources, supports, and nourishing fieldwork practices curated just for you, that will serve you throughout your parenthood - and throughout your child's life.


It is my hope to uplift you, to buoy you, to point you towards the wondrous and beautiful inner knowing that you already posses. When we align you with your Knowing in this way, you get to model a different experience for your children. The way of wholehearted, values-based living. The way of balanced alignment. The way of courageous vulnerability.


And the way of raising the creative, resilient changemakers our world deserves.

Because as I see it, our generation is one foot in...

And if we are able to take back childhood through the play revolution,

If we are about to shift our paradigm into a new way that

CENTERS us and brings us CHILD first

ALIGNS us with our inner truth

EMPOWERS our children towards their own inner truth

Then we get to use that magic recipe of play + wholeheartedness + changemaking

That is how we raise LIFE ready kids

And that is how we take back our futures

And ensure that our children will be TWO FEET in!


It is my greatest hope that we can shift the paradigm of what has been to what could be: through the art of play. And that what I've dreamt up will touch you and compel you to share my work with other parents far and wide - so that every child on this planet gets to be LIFE ready. 

Here's to raising up a new generation of kids who won't resent us.

And who we won't resent in the process of raising.

From today on, you can make a commitment to water ALL of your parenting gardens.


And in nourishing yourself, you can be confident you are raising creative, resilient, LIFE ready children, and you will learn to gift them with a new playful paradigm that we all deserve​!

From my home to yours, happy playing!!



Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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