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Day in the Life of Two Mama Parent Coaches,

Speaking Our Hearts

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Have a great parenting story to share?


Submit a 5 min audio clip to be considered for a spotlight at the top of our podcast. :) 

It can be about anything, but here are some ideas:

  • your birthing story

  • what most surprises you about parenthood

  • what you wish you had known

  • a great poop story (there are many!)

  • childhood advocacy

  • parenthood advocacy

Want to raise children without resentment?

Happy to Meet You!

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We are Sivanne and Rachel, simply two mamas, two experienced educators, two passionate parent coach consultants who are committed to checking in each week about what it’s like to work, parent, and practice self care all at the same time, in real talk. We discovered each other as we were both preparing to launch our businesses and instead of competing, chose to support and uplift one another instead, which has bloomed into a wonderful relationship with lots of like-minded, authentic, and whole-hearted connection around what it’s really like to do it all and hold the space for a joyous parenthood too. 

Sivanne is The Joyous Parent, who empowers parents to feel confident that they are raising creative, resilient, life ready children. Rachel, in her Wholehearted Parenting Business assists parents to create life-long connection that will help bring joy, peace, respect, and playfulness to your family relationships.  Together, we are the wholehearted and joyous parents, and we are excited to share with you what is in our hearts today.

Want to hear something parenting- specific?

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