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How is it that we plan our birthing experience and the nursery but then what about the day after?? We as a culture have decided that it's acceptable and even prestigious to pay someone to decorate our living rooms or help us get six pack abs, but when it comes to parenting we believe it is weak to ask for help. How did we get to a point where we began to believe that it's ok to wing it flying by the seat of our pants at the most important and challenging job we will ever have?

When you join me on the Joyous Journey, you are declaring to the world: "not only am I NOT weak, I am in fact a warrior! Because I understand that I (and every other parent) deserve to have someone by my side who knows exactly what I'm going through and can help me do it the way I want to do it."

Enjoy a free workbook to get you started with one of my most transformative concepts!

Then consider the way YOU want to parent:


NOT the way society has told you.

NOT what your parents taught you.

NOT what your friends are saying.

Not what I say works for me either.

What YOU believe to be true.


And when we work together, I provide a container and a mirror to reflect your own innate wisdom and inner knowing back to you - and then help keep you accountable towards creating sustainable, attainable, and effortless intentions that will permanently shift your parenting towards the peaceful, calm, connective and confident experience you seek.


In this experience, you get to lean on ALL my best teaching & learning practices from 15 years in the classroom, behavior management strategies, tricks, frameworks and approaches as well as my passion and richness of knowledge around creating the framework for values-based parenting that will lead the way towards a playful experience for all.

Together we will:

  • Move you through my 4 Phase Methodology towards Joyous Parenting: your parenting VISION, parenting SPACE, parenting SYSTEMS, and parenting WORLD

  • Learn my recipe for raising LIFE ready kids

  • Successfuly implement my 4 Pillars of Joyous Parenting that are explicitely outlined in my HOLY MUCK! Online Course - that when honored will solve 99% of your parenting challenges

  • Enjoy a uniquely, custom-tailored boutique experience that lifts up your specific brand of Joyous Parenting

  • Reclaim your identity and playfulness in the process!

  • Make you into a play enabler! For yourself and for and with your children.


*This experience is also the PERFECT way to support your nanny, au pair, or other caregivers and educators in your lives with the exact magic that will shift everything towards the childhood you dream of for you AND your children!


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Playful Parenting Journey
1:1 Coaching Package
Sessions at $215 each
*Minimum 6 session commitment
**See below for equity pricing



Why this might be for you

You want to do things differently but you're stuck

You're ready to do the challenging but incredibly empowering work of radical self care

You feel completely lost, isolated, overwhelmed, or ashamed of how your parenting days look and feel

You've read all the books and tried all the ideas and nothing is quite working

You can't do this anymore - it's not fair to your kids or your coparenting partners


The Qualities of the joyous journeyer

Courageously vulnerable

Radically honest

Devoted & passionate

Understands that they are creating 90% of the muck, not their children

Is ready to approach the muck (that never goes away) from a peaceful, confident, "I've got this" paradigm

Wants to raise a changemaker with two feet in!

*Equity Pricing

I am happy to offer pricing options with the intention of creating mutually accessible & sustainable opportunities for all.

 If you are in need of support at this time, I invite you to choose one of the equity packages on the registration page to offer what you are able to exchange based on your current financial circumstances.

And if your cup is spilling over, you are invited to help me gift another with the beautiful experience of the Joyous Journey!

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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