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Playful Parenting Deep Dive
90 Min Experience
Dive in for $350

During this 90 min session we spiritually "rinse" you out by carving out time for YOU to focus on your specific family values, challenges, & needs.

Pay once, partners come for free!

Life is always welcome in the background!


This session follows your specific needs and journey and can include all or some of the following:

  • super grounding custom guided meditation

  • somatic body practices & rapid resets (that you can use for yourself AND your children during the toughest moments)

  • values-based parenting clarity work

  • defining exactly who you are as a parent and how to follow your true Knowing


After the session, you will have a chance to decide if investing in the more expansive, supportive, and accountable experience is right for you or not.


Enjoy this sweet dip into the joyous journey today!


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Why this might be for you

You know that you and your children deserve a nourishing shift but don't have time to invest in a full program

You like the idea of diving into the core of your struggle

You want to experience a playful parenting session with your partner and want enough time for both voices to be heard



The Qualities of the Playful Deep Diver

Dedicated to your parenthood

Ready to be courageously vulnerable

Prolific reader & researcher but haven't find your way yet

Ready to implement ideas learned right away

Are a doer, mover, shaker who loves trying out new ideas

Just need a little nudge to source your own wisdom

Ask about my current special

#radicalselflove sessions 

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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