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Channeling Your Inner Goddess

You are irritated. Resentful. Fidgety. All of the normal things that your children do that would usually irk you are making you furious right now. It is a few days before your next moon. And your partner probably notices this fact before you, irritating you even further!

This is how the cycle went for me for many years:

Fireworks emotions, followed by heavy blood flow, then getting lighter again. I would get through it and move on without another thought.

I now know better.

I now connect with the moon. I celebrate my blood and return it to the earth, I place it on my altar! I am a part of my cycle and my cycle guides me. It tells me when to rest, when to act, when to take stock and clear, and when to plan, dream and create. I listen and I dance. Most of all, I make sure to share this magic with my 5 year old daughter so that when her first blood comes, it will be a celebratory rite of passage and she will be honored, cherished, and upheld... much better than a trip to CVS.

I recently discovered this way of living. I have missed so much magic! My daughter will not.

The same goes for the winter:

It would be beautiful for a few weeks and I would be silently dreading the cold and the barebacked trees. I would picture months of isolation and darkness ahead of me and get depressed just thinking about it. The winter would come, I would get slow, heavy, and grumpy, claim to have seasonal affective disorder and wait for spring without another thought.

I now know better. My inner goddess has spoken to me.

I now connect with the cave. I relish the opportunity to fold inwards and hibernate in my own way, to cocoon, to clear out cobwebs and plant seeds for this coming year. I am a part of the cycle of the seasons and the cycle guides me. It tells me when to look up to the sun and reminds me to set intention and cast out my next way of being with every new moon celebration, when to howl, when to recede, when to pray beneath the stars and when to plant acorn wishes into the ground. Most of all, I make sure to share this magic with my 5 year old daughter so that as she grows she can come to cherish the natural cycle of the wheel of the year and the seasons and channel the constant, ever-changing opportunity, beauty, and invitations for bounty... much better than the constant harping to put on a coat, it's cold, and watch for the ice, you might slip.

I recently discovered this way of living. I have missed so much magic here too! My daughter will not.

I now know better. My inner goddess has spoken to me.

Our disconnection from the menstrual cycle and the changing seasons can easily set us up for doldrum every month and every year. And it is not our fault. We don't know any better. Our society has lost touch with the magic of the red tent and the never-ending stars.

So I invite you to join me in trying on a new way of living and tapping into your inner goddess. For the sake of our inner child. And for all our daughters who are witnessing the reclaiming of the magic and awe that is life.

I would like to invite you into the world of channeling your inner goddess if you feel called to her... read below to see how I plan my Inner Goddess Love Parties and how you can start with planning your own too!


As you prepare for the ritual..

The following invitation is simply my structure for creating a loving space. And I invite you to truly make it your own. What is most important, that whatever you do, you do it in a way that honors your truth and your journey. You don't need to be familiar with ritual to begin. You just have to be open for a journey.

You inner goddess is always there waiting for you to share her light and the wisdom of your own truth. She is loving and she is kind and she is fierce and she is passionate. She knows what she wants and needs and takes it with unapologetic gratitude. She dances naked by the fire and also wraps those she loves with compassion and light. She always knows what to do.

She is the you that is waiting to be heard.

Come along and celebrate her!

And if you want a partner in this journey, I am here for that too - if this is for you, click below to get started.

Then everybody, take out your journal and plan out your first inner goddess channeling party by following the steps below!


Let your inner goddess speak to you!
Do it with friends. And include your daughters.

My Personal Party

Your Goddess Love Party gets to be completely yours. But it might be unclear where to start if you've never done anything like this before. So here is a window into what I did with mine:

  • My Theme: Inner Goddess Painting (in the party barn!)

  • Everyone was invited to BYO art supplies, wine and finger foods, your own wine glass

  • I asked my friend to curate a goddess channeling songs playlist for us that would start slow and build

  • It was just mamas out on a Saturday night - luxurious!

  • I sent out ideas for how to include our daughters before or after

My Format:

00:00-00:30 Pure mingling and fun

00:30-00:40 Focused mingling with intros and grounding breath

00:40-01:30 Guided Heart Math Meditation leading to Ecstatic Dance

01:30-02:15 Share Circle: rinse & release, manifest intention

02:15-0?:?? Pull goddess cards, paint, talk, drink wine, dance, create!

This turned out to be beyond all of my expectations.