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There are many things that are impossible to understand about parenthood until you experience it, but there are some wonderful foundations that can be instilled in order to set you up for a smooth ride right from the beginning.

Join me in parenthood planning sessions, where we will get you set up with all of the things I wish I'd known and  the most nourishing things you can do to set yourself up for the most calm, confident, connected parenthood you can imagine.

These sessions are recommended for all coparenting partners to be present.


In the one-time 90min session, we will:

  • Identify the values that you will lead your parenthood by

  • Learn the most successful model for clear and effective communication I have come across

  • Get a bird's eye view of what to expect and what is most important to plan ahead for so that you can have an incredibly meaningful and supported fourth trimester

  • Learn the most important things to consider for the postpartum period and beyond

During this 3 session bundle, you will enjoy all of the above PLUS:

  • Get access to ALL of my best practices from 15 years in the classroom, including keys to childhood development that can inform you during those first glorious years

  • Enjoy a uniquely tailored wisdom map that will prepare you for the most important decision of your life and give you the foundations you need to feel entirely confident.

  • I will teach you the philosophies and systems that will ensure that you are set up and aligned with your wisdom so that when you embark on your parenthood, you will be able to do so with peace and truly enjoy the journey!

Gift yourself, your children to be born, your partner and overall love village of support with the foundations every parent wishes they'd known prior to starting the journey!


Here's to the biggest decision you will ever make - and doing it right (as in exactly how YOU would do it) from the beginning!





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Parenthood Planning
Prenatal Consulting

Single 90 Min Sesh at $350

3 Sesh Bundle at $900

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Why this might be for you

You're planning on having children

You're pregnant and want to set yourself and your children up with the beautiful foundations you and they deserve

You already have children but are pregnant with another and want to do it better this time around

You're not sure if you'll have children one day but when you do, you want to be prepared (and you want to be better able to support your friends and family who do have them!)


The Qualities of the imperfectly perfect parent

Willing to take risks

Celebrates messy, open-ended concepts

Is excited to think through the foundations of values-based parenting

Is ready to say hello to shame and fear and set yourself up for a parenthood of beauty

Is ok with messing up again and again

Know you will always be enough and that everything is always changing

Are ready to shift and transform in a major way!

Acknowledges that our generation is one foot in


Wants to raise children who are TWO feet in

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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