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The Play Beyond 5 Summit is here!

You have just found your play raft!

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Why do we stop playing at 5 years old?


The Joyous Parent is a teaching, coaching based service aimed at empowering parents & educators to tap into the magical power of play.

My mission is to bring play back to the center of childhood so that parents and educators can be empowered to give children the experience that will lead them to their true life's destiny.

I facilitate playful, hands-on, and dynamic group workshops and professional development around how to infuse play into the everyday of our school environments so that we can see and hear our children truly and completely. Each of my workshop options is designed to inspire educators to infuse play-centered approaches into their current systems through a practical, realistic, and child-first approach.


I also work with parents and caregivers to reclaim our identities and raise children without resentment. In both these paths we place PLAY at the center where it should always have remained so we can model a world for our children that nurtures them into who they are meant to become.


In these two ways, we get to redefine play and return playfulness to our children's lives.

And THAT is what leads to joyous parenting and educating!


But by joyous parenting, I don't mean easy or even always fun, but I do mean wholehearted, connected, confident, and calm. 


Every messy, honest day.


As a progressive educator and play enabler, I have guided hundreds of children in a flow based, child-led learning environment so they may use the agency they posses to impact the world around them. For almost two decades now I have experienced the power of play to transform - and now as a mama, I understand its impact even more.


I now use this knowledge to help YOU shift your parenthood and classroom towards the way your children deserve to learn and grow.

Because parents are our children's first teacher and the only way we can support them how they deserve is to form a partnership between home and school, it is even more imperative that we all get on the same page around instilling a play-centered, child led environment that honors and frees our children to grow into their destiny, and. therefore more rightly and fully transform our world.

That is where my life's work in shifting play back to the mainstream of childhood is so very crucial.


So we may together raise a new, empowered generation of wholehearted, confident children through my recipe for raising LIFE ready children:

Wholehearted Values-based Parenting

Play as THE work of Childhood

Raising Changemakers


Throughout everything I do, I help parents overturn their definition of what their parenthood is and can be and take back childhood all at the same time: through play as learning and by gaining back your inner knowing.

As a parent and educator myself, I strive to walk with magic through my days and that is what I want to gift others as well - by accepting the muck from a new reality and perspective

Join me and be part of the play revolution and become a play enabler, gain back the magic, and shift into a new paradigm that we all deserve!

The Joyous Journey Recipe:
Play + Wholeheartedness + Changemaking = LIFE Ready Children

What Are The Play Schemas

An introduction to how the brain is wired in early childhood

The Ultimate
Tantrum Guide

Why they happen and what to do when they do

Supporting the learning styles

The all you need to know bundle

What People Are Saying

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Bella Freytsis, mom of 2

Sivanne has combined many years of teaching and learning from children in multiple settings, as well as her own recent experience as a mama, to offer a service that can be so helpful to many families out there. She is incredibly passionate about child-led parenting and assisting other parents to find joy in this chapter of life. Personally, Sivanne has inspired me to create an environment at home to encourage my toddler's independence in everyday household activities and it has made an enormous difference in his behavior and level of participation with things like mealtime and getting ready to leave the house, which is something many parents of young children also struggle with. Sivanne can help you identify routines, habits or behaviors that may not be serving your family and give you the knowledge, tools and moral support to make everyday with your little ones a little bit more magical.

Contact Sivanne to learn more about how The Joyous Parent can help you shift into play centered living. 

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Join the play REVOLUTION!

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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