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The Playful Parenting

Coaching Journey

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Playful Parenting Coaching

Raise a Creative, Resilient Changemaker

Learn how to cocreate childhood in a way that puts your children first and ensures they are life ready.

Parenting is messy, confusing, and ever-changing. And we want so much for our children, for their learning, their development, their potential. But many of our culture's messages have led us to lose our way. 


And there is a big difference between hard and challenging and the silent suffering many of us experience. Together, we transform all of that and write a new parenting story. One where we understand how the art of play is the backbone to learning and growth. One where our time is well-spent and even enjoyed. One where what used to be the messy, hard, excruciating can be viewed as the honest, flowing journey.


  • Because you will understand the WHY behind the power struggle

  • You will recognize the difference between stubbornness and play  

  • You will know how to parent dissected from the stories you have learned about life

  • You will discover how to see and hear your children

  • You will learn how to use the art of play to lead to a home humming with creativity and wonder


By realigning you with your True Knowing, we will help unearth the parenting values that might have been sleeping and return you into true confidence, calm, and connection.


During this journey, we will move comprehensively through my 4 phase methodology, exploring your parenthood values, parenting space, parenting systems, and parenthood world. And all the while, we will emphasize and celebrate the art of play as the work of childhood.


By leaning on the collective wisdom of conscious, connected, wholehearted parenting, we will develop a feasible, loving, and sustainable vision of your parenthood, unpack the blocks that might be holding you back from what you really want, and move you from envisioning to enthusiastic actualization. We will also come up with a unique plan to ensure that your vision remains sustainable.


Embedded along the way are nourishing self care fieldwork practices, childhood developmental know how, and specifically tailored tools & resources to help every single part of your parenthood garden flourish and bloom.


  • Custom coaching support including 12 private 1:1 60 minute coaching calls with Sivanne (in person or on zoom) 

  • Guidance in moving consciously through your change process: You are not crazy, you are just growing! Old or stale relationships, concepts of yourself and ways of working may need to shift or fall away to make space for the new, especially in the zany world of parenthood.

  • Clarity about sustainable and nourishing next steps (especially in terms of how you want to shift your parenthood story) accountability and support in taking them.

  • The Creation of your Joyous Parenthood Map, a unique template & internal support structure which allows you to step into the next level of your parenting life with confidence, connection and ease.

  • Ongoing 24/7 support for all of your in-the-moment parenting snafus.

  • Your Joyous Journey fieldwork tools

  • The welcoming into our loving and joyous parenthood tent community



Wholehearted, Values-based Parenting

 The emotional work of creating an honest, mature relationship with your parenthood. Here, we dissolve shame, embarrassment and ego. We get clear on what we value and learn how to communicate this to any parenting partners you have and begin to learn how the art of play factors into all of that. We learn emotional and body-based practices to support our journey. And we apply massive doses of self-care, compassion, and love.

Play-based Learning as THE Work of Childhood

With this ingredient, we pay the way to align your inner values and hopes to your outer physical space and to truly implement play as learning, growth and creativity. In developing what I like to call "thoughtscapes and landscapes" here we hone in on how you truly want your parenthood to look, feel, and breathe and then make adjustments and implement ways to parent from your heart. You will learn to better hear and see your child, gain some insight into childhood development and brain science and begin to practice more calming, connective, and happier approaches to your parenting.


This is also where the play as work begins to be applied. The practical, ready to implement systems, rituals and commitments that are needed to align your vision with your day-to-day. And we do it all in ways that are personally meaningful and aligned with our deepest values. Here we get into that happy hum and playful state of mind. This is where we understand to implement play as learning and growth.


Raising Changemakers

Here, the big picture of your vision, space and systems and how they can  bloom together to water your parenting garden. Together, we zoom out to your parenting inner wisdom and guiding starts so that we can model who and what we hope for our children to be in this world and give them a chance to enter a different paradigm. The way I see it is our generation is one foot in - but if we do things right, our children will be two feet in, and that makes all the difference! In this final ingredient, we look at how to move into a different pace of life that nourishes every part of your parenthood and discover that it's not just about the parenting that matters. This is where we get to solidify our vision for raising our resilient, playful, creative changemakers and where the real work begins.

Learn to Play.

Play to Learn.


Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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