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Personal Parenting Blueprint

A Tangible Answer to the Overload of Resources, Obligations, and Desires of Parenthood

Have a custom-tailored blueprint for your parenting that takes all of your needs into account

"Do It All" from home to work to school to play - in a SUSTAINABLE, LIFE GIVING way

If you are a parent of a school-age child or toddler right now, you are most likely on parent overload. You might be simultaneously trying to work from home, keep house, take advantage of this time, and are also expected to homeschool on top of it.  You might be struggling to find a balance and sift through the myriad resources, offers, supports and opportunities thrown your way. You might be overwhelmed or burnt out. Or you simply need help navigating the new waters of "do it all from home" culture this new normal has led to. With this custom-made blueprint, we will do all of that and more. 

In this package, I take advantage of all of the skills, knowledge, and expertise I have gained from my two decades in the classroom and from my own experience as a mother trying to do it all help you make sense of it all and give you a practical flow, schedule and action plan to implement in your home that will increase confidence, ease your day to day and help you flow with the knowledge that you are doing your best and that is more than enough.

We will meet to review the landscape of your parenting life, taking into account all of your obligations from school, work, and otherwise, your needs, your hopes and desires for yourself and your children.

We will compile a list of all of the resources, materials, online classes and offers at your disposal. And then we will discuss how you need and want your day to day to look and feel. 

I will then comb through it all and, with an education expert and childhood development eye, compile a suggested custom schedule with a manageable flow that takes your family's needs, hopes, and obligations into account. We will make sure your child's learning standards are being met but that you are able to do so with balance.

We will work in creative ways for you and your family to get your needs and desires met. And we will do all that while also providing you with tips, tools, and strategies in order to keep things sustainable and calm. 

By the end of this easy, balancing, and energizing process, you will have your own personal parenting blueprint in your hand to implement immediately. It will be there to give you the confidence, calm, and connection you need to gain a kinder, gentler more doable parenthood and will be custom fit to your family.

Your personal parenting blueprint will include a:

-suggested daily flow with menu of options
-suggested week at a glance
-monthly template overview

-custom tips, strategies, and tools to help keep it sustainable and fun

To create your own personal parenting blueprint we will meet in up to 3 sessions in order for you to present your needs and desires, iterate and tweak the suggested blueprint, and finalize it so that it meets your needs in the most optimal and supportive way.

Your personal parenting blueprint will leave you feeling lighter, more capable, and more resourced than ever before, because you will have a game-plan that knows how to flow with your unique family's needs. 

Preview a sample of what the personal parenting blueprint might resource you with. 

Each template, of course, will be customized to your family's specific needs.

Click on the images below to see more details. 

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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