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Happy Family

Parenthood Story Art Experience

A Coaching & Curated Art Piece Mashup

A Truly Unique Experience

Gain Some Insight While Also Creating a Family Heirloom

Imagine a private joyous parenthood coaching session and personally curated, beautiful art piece experience mash up! Trained in painting, drawing, and several forms of illustration, I listen to the story you choose to share and create a map of sorts of your parenting world for you to always have as a reminder, reflection, and celebration. A story art session is a perfect experience to gift a close friend or relative and the session itself usually impacts the participants in a singular and life-shifting way. It is a parent reflection experience like no other. 


During a 45 minute intake session, you get to share the story of your parenthood and by the end, you will be gifted with a memory of that story to last a lifetime!  I will create a talisman of your parenting journey that will beautify your home and inform your parenting by prompting you through a fun, invigorating, and usually eye opening story of your parenthood.

By the end of the session, not only will you have a lovely piece of art, but you will have a reminder of all you cherish and have experienced in your parenthood.


  • a story of your child's birth

  • a story of your child's growth

  • a coming of age celebration

  • hopes & dreams for your child

Whatever you choose, the prompts in my intake story art session will lead you to possible ahas, reminders of what you once held dear, open up insights into how you envision your parenthood, and help to inform you on the rest of your parenthood journey. Plus if something current comes up I will also always give you tips, resources, and fieldwork practices towards a more joyous parenting experience.

Come try out the unique experience of shared story art!

Examples of Artwork

Marker, Ink, & Stenciling
Oil Pastel
Etching and Printing

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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