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Playful Parent Connect
30 Min Zoom Call

During this 30 min session we get crystal clear on your most current and difficult challenges and begin to move you towards a different paradigm by unearthing your "DKDKs" - the things you don't know that you don't know - until you know them! And then you can never go back. You already will have shifted and transformed even a little bit towards the joyous , calm, connected, and confident parent you have always wanted to be!

Partners come for free!

Life is always welcome in the background!


During this session we will:

  • dig into your challenges in a supportive, no judgement container

  • give you space to finally say the things you're thinking but scared to say out loud

  • get really clear about what's stopping you from living the parenthood you want

  • nourish you with some practical, effortless, implementable steps towards more joy


After the session, you will have a chance to decide if investing in the more expansive, supportive, and accountable experience is right for you or not.


Enjoy this free window into the joyous journey today!


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Why this might be for you

You're tired of the way things are in your parenthood but you don't know what to do about it

You've started to fall into the default of how you were raised - and you hate it

You're feeling lost, isolated, overwhelmed and want relief

You've forgotten who you are ever since becoming a parent


The Qualities of the Playful Parent

Is ready to make big shifts

Open & honest


Is honest with what is behind your biggest parenting challenges - and is willing to do the hard work of confronting them

Knows how to be unapologetically grateful

Is able to say thank you to the trigger

Experiences the muck (that never goes away!) from a new angle that serves

Feels confident in who they are as a parent & how they want to parent

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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