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Raising up a new generation of creative, resilient LIFE ready children, 

one parent at a time, through the art of play

Race Conscious Parenting:

The Antiracist Children Forum

A Space for Parents to Learn About Talking Race With Their (White) Children

This is a call of action for parents to join together with me to discuss raising awareness and racism with our white children. Together, we will learn to step into healing so that we may create a safe space to talk about race with our children.

I am by no means an expert and don't have many answers, but I do feel a moral imperative to hold this space. And I do have many resources, ideas, and experiences to fall back on. Not to mention the amazing role models and information already out there that we can lean on!

In this forum, it is my intention to connect and become allies in social justice. We will discuss how we can begin or continue the conversation with our children around race.


So I am hoping that you will join me and invite other parents to this important work.


Together, we can make a difference.

Sign On
Raising Antiracist Allies Forum Discussi

An Ongoing Panel Discussion

How it works:


  • Register for the work, introduce yourself and begin to connect in commUnity.


  • Most of our ongoing conversation will be held in our private marcopolo group. This is an app that is essentially like a video walkie talkie.

  • Whenever there is a need, we will meet in a more formal learning space in a zoom room. 

  • New members are always and forever invited

  • We will continue to keep the conversation going until the critical transformation that will make this forum unneccessary


Let’s ban together and learn how to wade through our fear and vulnerability so that we may model a different possibility for our children to inherit.


Here’s the way I see it: our generation already has one foot through this door. If we raise them the right way, our children will already be two feet in. And then imagine what may happen if they are!

Want to raise children without resentment?

Join The Conversation Today

To subscribe, please fill out the form below. Your answers will be reviewed and you will receive an invitation with more information when approved.

Do you understand that this is a sacred, safe space for white people to talk to other white people about race?

See You Soon!

Want to raise children without resentment?

Anti Racist Children Forum: Feedback Form

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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