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Taste the Joyous Journey
3 Session Special

Valued at $650
For you at only $400

*see sliding scale options

Gift this experience to yourself to enjoy solo or with your partner, to your children who are now parents, or to a beloved fellow parent friend you know.


During these 3 sessions, you will get to experience a window into the transformative, nourishing, and insightful journey of self-compassion, building of connection and confidence, reclaiming of identity, and playfulness that my private one on one clients enjoy.


Together, we will work on:

  • Establishing a foundation for your parenthood

  • Defining your values

  • Clear and effective communication with your coparenting partner

  • Building your love village

  • Anything else that you need to nourish your parenting journey


It will be an honor to meet you (or a parent friend you love and want to gift!) wherever you are on your journey! 


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During this season of gratitude, gift yourself or someone you love with some well-deserved parent pampering.

Because I know that especially during this time, when we're **supposed** to be happy and focus on the ways we are blessed, often we are faced with many layers of shadow.


Shadow with our own needs to correct the path between the disconnect of how we were raised and how we want to raise our children.

Shadow with the conflict between your needs and your family's.


Shadow with the stories we tell ourselves about what "good" parenting needs to look and feel like.


And so I invite you to nourish yourself, your parenthood, and your children's experience instead.

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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