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Learning and growth are wonderful on your own and all the more powerful in a group setting. Experience all that the Joyous Journey has to offer while sharing the experience with others who are right in the same boat. Together, we will create a safe, loving, and self-compassionate container where there are no taboos and where we support one another through our shared wisdom, challenges, insights, and questions. 

Make other like minded parent friends

Learn to shift your parenthood together as a community

Share in experience and learning with accountability partners


During these classes & group experiences we will:

  • enjoy supportive learning materials in the form of beautiful workbooks and journals designed to guide you on your own time, at your own pace

  • attend live monthly Q&As to connect and share learnings and relearnings

  • have the opportunity to make lifelong friends who understand exactly what you are going through

  • have fun while growing into the parent you want to be


After the class, you will have a chance to decide if you would like to further your learning through a rich 1:1 coaching journey like no other.


Connect with other parents on the joyous journey at half the price and with tons of humility, playfulness, laughter, and connection.


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Group Coaching Classes
Learning With A
Connective Container

Sliding Scale from $45-95 a session

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Why this might be for you

You're feeling lost, isolated, overwhelmed and want relief but don't want to do the work alone

You've forgotten who you are ever since becoming a parent and want to reconnect with others

You thrive in group experiences and enjoy raw, honest, transformation

You're ready & willing to manage most of the work on your own but enjoy a community space to connect in


The Qualities of the playful class participant

Knows how to leave shame at the door

Thrives from community learning

Dedicated to change

Wants to share wisdom

Knows they have many worthwhile insights to share

Is ready to do the hard work of paradigm shifting

Join me in the play revolution and taking back childhood!

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